Sleep Studies can sound scary—and, while we go to great lengths to create a comfortable, home-like environment, we know that sleeping in an unfamiliar room can bring some stress with it. If you’ve taken a tour of our facilities, then you know that when we say comfort, we mean it. Still, it’s hard to beat sleeping in your own bed. So, if you need a sleep study and meet other mandatory health requirements, we’re happy to give you the option to use our user-friendly home-test. 

The Alice Night One is our option to providing sleep diagnostics in the comfort of your own home. With doctor approval, the Alice One is a fast, effective, accurate option for home sleep testing. We show you how to administer the test, and we analyze the results. All you have to do is sleep in your own bed. Imagine that. 

You can do it: No medical training necessary. 

We know hooking yourself up to a machine sounds intimidating, but the really great thing about the Alice One is its usability. Its user-friendly design and intuitive functionality make it an easy and realistic solution for anyone needing to learn more about their sleep. The best part? You can do it completely on your own: no medical training required!

In the past, at-home sleep tests were slightly more complicated, included multiple belts, non-intuitive design, and complicated controls. The Alice One includes only one belt, a nasal cannula, and a pulse oximeter to monitor your oxygen levels. 

It’s safe to say this version is a significant upgrade from the cumbersome models of old—and with a one on one instruction from a Sleep Centers professional, you’ll be completely prepared to administer your own test. 

You may not realize the extent to which your sleep issues are affecting you. 

But Alice One is one highly effective tool to help us assess your unique sleep issues. Unfortunately, many who experience sleep disturbances don’t even know what a good night’s sleep feels like, so it’s hard to put into words what benefits diagnosing and treating your sleep issues can bring. Even more unfortunate are the associated symptoms and outcomes. Beyond just feeling groggy, cloudy, or just generally fatigued, there are severe consequences of leaving a sleep disorder undetected and untreated. In fact, 1 in 4 cases of death associated with sleep apnea were completely undiagnosed. Those are numbers we’re just not comfortable with. So, if your doctor has suggested a sleep study, don’t delay—contact us today and ask if the Alice Night One is the right choice for you.